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Diverse Learning Environments


The Infant program offers our precious babies the care they need in a tender and warm atmosphere of special bonding, respect and love, with their needs carefully and meticulously attended to. Other activities in the Infant program focus on providing the necessary and appropriate stimulation for their early development in a prepared environment. This naturally include stimulating the child’s senses, awakening his/her interest in the environment, feeding his/her natural curiosity and development, etc.



Through activities such as songs, conversations and classifying of objects, the child’s ‘sensitive period’ is tapped on to expand firstly, his/her impression and understanding of languages, and subsequently, his/her vocabulary bank. Your child will also be involved in a variety of physical activities that provide opportunities to walk, climb, balance, crawl and eventually, run; all of which aims to lead the child towards physical independence.


Children are most enthusiastic and curious learners at this period of their growth. Our program is aimed to promote children’s self-assurance and confidence, by allowing them to learn by doing and from mistakes. Our curriculum is filled with investigation, exploration and discovery where children can actively refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through a combination of teacher-guided and children-initiated activities in purposefully-designed learning environment, we ensure children to have joyful, developmentally-appropriate and meaningful learning experiences.

Summer Camp

Summertime means a chance to be active, be creative and keep learning. It's all about curiosity, discovery and having so much fun—while keeping the education going all summer. The activities and weekly programs range from art and music, to science experiments, to outdoor activities. They’re all designed to keep children challenged and engaged, while helping them make memories that will last a lifetime.

Each part of our half-day program is designed to make your camper’s experience fun and exciting, with an emphasis on FUN!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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