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Art and Craft

Our Facility


Play Area

iCan Academy is located on a 600sqm compound. Our outdoor play area is a great place for children to climb, swing and develop their large motor skills. 

Kids Painting

Our Art Room

Our art area provides opportunities for children to express themselves and develop fine motor skills. Visual art can include painting, drawing and sculpturing. This is a space for inspiration and creativity.


Our Library

The library is a quiet space where children can relax and enjoy reading. Children can read alone, with a friend or teacher and check out books to take home each week. 

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Movement Space 

Children benefit from a weekly music class, where they sing songs, learn dance, and rhythm. Learning music together also reinforces social skills and builds confidence. We believe that every child deserves such daily enrichments.

First Aid

First Aid Room

Children have a quiet area to rest if they are not feeling well. We take care of basic first aid needs and wait with the child until they can be picked up by their parents. 

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