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Fun & Creativity


The best creative art experiences for young children emphasize process over product. When children are able to express themselves creatively, they develop healthy self-esteem. 


Music not only helps to develop a child’s senses and self-expression… it has a direct link to mental development, intelligence and memory. Our commitment to music can be witnessed everywhere at iCan, from the very first steps of the musical journey to songs and dance.


We believe that children need to move for many reasons: to gain information about their world and objects in it; to burn off energy and relieve stress; to improve strength and coordination; to physically connect with others. Brain research shows that motor development is closely linked to brain development. Our job is to provide a safe, comfortable environment and challenging activities that will engage young bodies and minds.


The best way to support literacy development is to expose children to rich language and wordplay in context. We want children to find books irresistible! You will see plenty of print in our classrooms, because exposure to a print-rich environment at an early age is a predictor of later vocabulary skills. 


We believe the best way to support development of mathematical skills is to give young children concrete experiences with real objects that they can count, sort, group, and sequence. As they play, we provide tools and vocabulary to help them synthesize concepts such as size, shape, and quantity. 

Outside Play

Outdoor play is an important part of childhood. It’s exciting to see children in their natural environment – exploring their surroundings, being curious about what’s around them and finding joy in seeing new things. Outdoor play is vital to a child’s overall development and learning. Children can learn a lot from playing outdoors – from improved spatial recognition to simply understanding the environment. Simple activities such as seeing  weather changes, running and jumping in rain puddles, or watching the flowers sprout, can make such a great difference.

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