Frequently asked questions

How does the program work?

Our program is a comprehensive curriculum with tools, resources, and materials to support the parent as they engage with their child’s learning. The curriculum includes a flexible schedule for each class day. Fun learning experiences through arts, crafts, science projects, and learning games, and daily videos led by our professional preschool teachers at iCan Academy. Additionally, every week you can pick up the materials you need from school. Some materials needed for activities are ones commonly found at home.

How was the program created?

With parents' wary of sending their children to school during this time of Corona Virus, we drew on the success of the on-site programs of iCan Academy to create iCan@Home. The program was developed to provide more families flexibility to access high-quality early childhood education experience for their life journey ahead until they are comfortable sending their children to our on-site program.

Do we have to do daily?

A lesson will be provided for you daily. However. there is no set schedule to follow. The program was designed to work around your family’s schedules, not ours.

What should i be doing to support my child?

We are here at every step with teaching guidance and tips for you to help your child throughout the learning process in a way that truly brings outstanding early childhood education right into your home. After all, a parent is a child’s first teacher and we will help you to be a great one.

When will I get my supplies?

Your supplies will be processed and ready for pick up from the school every Friday by the end of the business day.

Can I start in the middle of the year?

Absolutely. Just as in our on-site program, you may jump right in at any time. Your child will greatly benefit from the program, regardless of when they begin. This is a journey to get your children exceptionally well prepared for Kindergarten and beyond so the sooner the better!

Do i have to commit to a whole year of the program?

No. For you will pay month to month and can cancel your subscription any time prior to your supplies being shipped for a given month. We understand life happens and there may be a need for you to discontinue your participation in the program. However, the iCan @Home is designed to develop and prepare your child over time leading up to their entering Kindergarten. It is a process and we are confident you be thrilled watching your child grow and develop firsthand over time!