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Flourish at Home

Keep your child's education on track with our engaging, fun remote learning curriculum

Family with Tablet

iCan@ Home delivers world-class education, digitally in a fun, supportive, and loving environment.

Some parents are hesitant to choose online school because it is unfamiliar to them, but once enrolled, they discover how well it can work for their children. The online structure is perfect for families who need the flexibility that allows students to thrive in their development from home.


In 2020, parents are having to choose between their child's health and the quality of their education. We think you should be able to have both.

  • Keep your child's education on track

  • Be supported in our community

  • Be provided with the materials and instructions you need to be successful at home

Teacher and Pupil

Your child will not only stay on track but set themselves up for future success

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